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Borrower Responsibilities

International Medical College (IMC) Library is committed to providing an attractive and supportive environment for study and research. We ask you to help us in this effort by keeping the following in mind-

01. Be responsible for all materials borrowed (Without reference items) on your IMC ID card and return all materials, including reserve materials, promptly.

02. Borrowing privileges are not transferable and are subject to withdrawal if abused.

03. Exercise care in handling library materials. If you damage an item, you'll need to pay for its repair or replacement. Examples of damage can include writing or highlighting, food spills, water damage, folding pages, tearing or removing pages, excessive heat or sunlight on media materials.

04. Do not attempt repairs yourself.  Notify the librarian about damaged materials.

05. Maintain pin-drop silence in the library.

Use of Study Area

International Medical College (IMC) library is committed to providing an environment suitable for reading, study, and activities in support of all patrons.

01. This library is only for International Medical College (IMC).

02. Be considerate and respectful of others in the Library.

03. Leave study spaces neat and clean and ready for use by other patrons. Take all your belongings with you, put trash in the trash bins provided outside of the library.

04. Ringing cell phones are not acceptable. Cell phones must be switched to silent mode. If you need to talk, step outside the library.

05. Refrain from any disruptive activity, loud or excessive talking, or behavior that distracts or intimidates other patrons and staff.

06. Please keep your conversations to a low level, so as not to disturb other users.

07. Respect the quiet study areas. Any political or party group Conversations or other noises are not allowed in these areas.

08. Not allow group study in the library room.

09. No photography, videotaping, recording, or filming is allowed in the Library without the express permission of library personnel.

Food and Drink

01. Food is not permitted in the library.

02. Drinks are permitted in spill-proof mugs and pop-up bottles only.

03. To ensure a long life for library collections, furnishings, and equipment.

04. Take care of your Library.

Collection and Resources

i. The library book collection consists of over ..... volumes of books covering the subject areas are health, research, the practice of medicine, related biomedical and allied health care disciplines, clinical and educational needs of its clients. So that documents on the same or related subjects remain together.

ii. The journal collection consists of 1254 volumes of Bound Journals and subscribed. Donated local journals 15 and foreign journals 07 arranged alphabetically on the library journal shelves.  Up to 14,000 journals (in 30 different languages), up to 53,000 e-books, up to 105 other information resources are now available to health institutions using HINARI, (Health Inter Network Access to Research Initiative) and PERI (Programme for Enhancement of Research Information) web site. Users can download an article of journal but not allowed to download a full journal copy.

iii. Other resources include maps; atlases, CDs/DVDs and audio-visual material are kept in the Journal and Reference Section in the library.

IMC Library Holdings at a Glance





Bound Journals

1354  Vols.

Digital book


Digital Question Bank

 All Prof.

Personal Computer


News Paper




Research paper


Field Work Paper



29  Pcs


40  Copies


Library ID Card Issue Procedures

All students/doctors of IMC faculty members, officers can be entitled to become Library member.  A member needs a library card to study in the reading room and to borrow any books or reading materials from the IMC Library. To obtain a library card one should take an application form paying Tk.10.00 only. The applicant duly filled up the form taking respective Department Head's forwarding submit this to the library authorities for permission along with two stamp size photographs and necessary documents. After verification the authority approved the application. 

Validity of Library Card

For Library membership card shall remain valid for a year. 

Reissue of Library Card

If the library card is lost or destroyed for any reason, a new card i.e. duplicate card will be issued after an application and receipt Tk.50.00 as a duplication fee. In this case the user should submit 01(one) copy of stamp size photograph.


All collection of the Library is possible to search by library management software system which is named as Library Automation System "LAS". Materials are loaned on presentation of member’s valid identification card. All of our library materials contain barcodes linked to this system. Barcode are usually located inside the back cover page of the book.


A member must obtain clearance from the library at the time of receiving his / her course completion certificates or at the event of separation from the college and faculty members and officers obtain clearance from the library at the time of departure / leave his or her job, by returning all books and materials issued against him. He / she should also surrender the library card at that time.

Information Services

The main task of the library is to satisfy its readers by rendering need oriented services. The Library provides various types of services such as: reading, lending, and reference, news clipping on facebook, reader's guidance, referral services, audio-visual and Internet facilities to all users. Bibliographic and Abstracting Service: Assistance in providing and preparing bibliographies, indexes and abstracts on request.

Library Address

IMC Library
College building, 1st floor
Gushulia, Tongi, Gazipur, Banglagesh.
E-mail: imclibrary007@gmail.com