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Family Planning Service

Family Planning Service is available as a part of the outpatient department service at IMCH. A counsellor for family planning is available during the normal working hours at IMCH. Different methods of family planning are explained to the patients. The client has got her/his own choice for accepting the any of the method of family planning.

The family planning department is under the care of the Head of the Department of Gynae & Obs of IMCH.

Short term family planning methods (Pill, Condom & Injectables), Long term family planning methods (IUD & Implants), permanent family methods (Tubal Ligation – TL and Non Scalpel Vasectomy - NSV) are quite convenient to the clients. The Hospital has got the collaboration with a NGO (Engender Health) for the family planning department.

The following family planning services are available in IMCH at a very low cost:

A. Temporary Methods:

1.     Oral Pill (Cobined & Progesteron only pill)

2.     Barrier (Condom)


B.  Long Term Methods:

1.     Inject able Method Depo Provera

2.     Subdermal Implant

3.     Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device


C.  Permanent Methods

1.     Tubectomy with Caesarian Section

2.     Mini Laparotomy